Coral, Green, and Yellow

So our living room reveal is delayed a bit.  I hope to be able to have that ready to share by the end of this weekend…Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I thought I would share that we have come to an agreement on a color scheme for the room.  It’s totally different for me, but I love it.  I knew I wanted a stronger color scheme for the accessories, since many of the main elements in the room (carpet, sofa, shelves, accent tables) are going to be brown or beige.  I’m just not a beige kind of girl (note the bright red sectional sofa from the old living room), so I really wanted bright pops of color to contrast with all of the monochrome blah.  I am actually loving that I can really go in any direction I want with the beige base…and I am definitely ready to have fun with some BRIGHT accessories!

We already have a pale yellow on the walls, so I wanted to work with that color.  So we decided on bright coral, grass/sage green, and butter yellow.  Cheery, happy, citrusy pops of color to wake up all those neutrals.

The below inspiration photos are different interpretations of the general color scheme we are after, but not an exact match.  And don’t forget, all of this shiny happy color will be toned down with TONS of beige and brown.

Source: Design Seeds

Source: Apartment Therapy

Source: Apartment Therapy


Source: A Rosy Note

Source: A Rosy Note

I must admit…I love that brassy gold lamp in the bedroom pic.  Thinking of maybe incorporating just a smidgen of that too.  The best part, is that if I get tired of these colors, it will be easy to change them out by swapping out the accessories!

Stay tuned for the reveal in a few days…


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