Link Party: What’s in my purse?

It must be the nosy nellie in me, but I love seeing posts like this from other people.  So when I saw this link party from Mailbox Journey via The HumberHome Project I thought I would return the favor!  Please excuse the photo quality, as it was taken in my (poorly lit) office with my phone.

1. Vera Bradley Little Hipster in Provencal, which happens to be on sale right now!  This is usually my theme park bag, but I used it during our 4th of July adventure at Lake Eola and haven’t switched back to my bigger everyday bag yet.  It has been kind of nice not having to lug a huge purse filled with crap everywhere.

2. Entry badge for work.  Super exciting, huh?

3. Sunglasses…I tend to buy $10-$20 no-name brand sunglasses and replace them as they inevitably break or get lost, so I’m really not sure what make/model these are.

4. I always like to have a variety of lip products on me at any given time.  This is the Mirenesse Glossy Kiss lipstick pencil in shade #14 Perfect Kiss, which was received in a recent Birchbox.

5. Ulta Super Shiny Lip Gloss in shade #18 Stellar, which I got in a big Ulta makeup/wristlet giftset that I got from Tadd for Christmas last year.

6. What would a girl’s purse be without a Disney Princess Bonnebell Lip Smacker?  This one features Princess Tiana in the flavor/scent Fresh Kiwi Pie.  It smells great and actually gives the perfect amount of shimmer.  It’s actually kind of silly how much I use and love this stuff (at 32 years of age)!

7. My mini zip wallet!  One of the first of the more complex things I made on my sewing machine back when I was still very new at sewing zippers.  This was the prototype and I still use and love it everyday.  It’s starting to look a bit well-loved and I have been pondering making myself a new one once my sewing room isn’t full of extra furniture and living room stuff.

8. Cinnamon Altoids.  This was an impulse purchase at CVS on Saturday.  I am used to the original peppermint Altoids.  These are spicy!  But in the best way possible.  I love cinnamon.

9. Car key and my large collection of reward cards.  They are attached to a Coach key fob, which was a Christmas gift a couple years ago from a very close friend.

If you’re like me and like seeing what’s in other people’s purses, check out the link party below!  And please, feel free to join in with your own post.  Because I’m nosy and wanna see!!!

Mailbox Journey

P.S. The living room makeover is coming right along!  It looks pretty amazing with all the new furniture.  But unfortunately it’s not quite ready for sharing yet.  While just about all of the furniture is in place, the decor and accessories are not.  Please bear with me and look for the reveal post very soon!


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