Be back soon… Gone glamping!

Sorry things have been quiet around here.  Life has been pretty crazy, and most of it is unbloggable stuff.  All of it good, just crazy.

Tadd and I are both attendants in a wedding next month.  Most of my best friends are also involved in the wedding, which makes the preparations that much more fun.  The bachelorette party is this weekend, and we are glamping!  Which is a funny juxtaposition from what the boys did for the bachelor party a couple weeks ago; ACTUAL camping.  In Florida.  In August.  Ewww!  I much prefer the idea of glamping — air conditioning, running water, an actual bathroom, and real beds!  I’m sure I will share more about this weekend soon, but haven’t been able to talk about the planning process in case the bride reads it, since a lot of what we are doing is and has been a surprise to her.  A lot of my time lately has been spent getting stuff together for our glamping expedition, in addition to regular wedding stuff like getting my dress fitted, helping the bride (and shopping with her while the boys did their non-glamping).


Almost immediately after that, I am off for a week-long training for work.   I have started a new position at my company, which was recently bought by another much larger company.  So needless to say, everything is changing for me.  It’s almost like I got a completely new job for a completely new company, but still work in the same building with the same people.   Really weird.  Anyways, we have a billion new things to train on, so that’s what I will be doing.

We have some other things in store for the next month or so.  And then after that, we will be well into my favorite season of the year, FALL!  So please be patient with my absence, and stay tuned!


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