Introducing…Sunshine And Some Polish

I have decided to start a new mini-blog documenting my adventures in nail stamping, nail art, and polish collecting.  This way I will be able to keep most of my nail-specific posts separate from my usual posts (which I know have been lacking lately).

If you are so inclined, please join me over at!

Don’t worry, I will still be posting on Sunshine And Some Tea.  Coming up shortly: my January favorites post!


RIP Google Reader

On July 1st, the ever-popular Google Reader will cease to exist.  I don’t know about you, but I had been quite happy with Google Reader as my RSS reader of choice for years.  I am sad to see it go, but I have since transitioned over to using Feedly.  It’s extremely easy to import everything automatically from Google Reader to Feedly, and over the past month or so, I have grown accustomed to the features and format.

I know some people have decided to switch to Bloglovin, which also will auto-import your Google Reader feed subscriptions.  I like it as well, but find that I just prefer Feedly more.  It’s a personal preference thing.  If you use Bloglovin, you can follow Sunshine And Some Tea at the link below:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I think my main reason for choosing Feedly over Bloglovin is that Feedly allows you to see each blog post in its entirity within their application.  Bloglovin only allows a preview; you have to click through to the blog itself to read the entire post.  It’s a good thing for bloggers because each page view will be recorded in their stats, but some people might be annoyed to have to click through to read more of the post.  However, Feedly requires a browser extension download, whereas Bloglovin does not, so if you are not into the idea of downloading something for your browser, Bloglovin might be a better choice for you.  Also, Feedly has more options, while Bloglovin is a bit simpler, cleaner, and more streamlined.  It really is a matter of what works best for you.

What RSS reader are you using to replace Google Reader?  Feedly?  Bloglovin?  Something else?

Fun with Sonia Kashuk Nail Polish!

If you have been following me on Instagram or Twitter, you likely have seen me gush about my quickly-growing collection of Sonia Kashuk nail polish.

This pic has an Instagram filter on it unfortunately, but you get the ideas of the colors. Left to right: Mauving On Up, Blank Slate, and Fairy Princess.

Taunting Teal

Two Cents & Emerald City from the new fall line!

I had heard of Sonia Kashuk’s line at Target before, but never really thought about buying this particular brand of nail polish until I read this post on 320 Sycamore.  I loved the colors and loved that she claimed that they were so durable and low-maintenance that she didn’t have one single chip after 2 weeks of wear!  I had to try it for myself.

Well, I purchased Blank Slate (pictured above) and took the “320 Sycamore challenge” on my own toes.  It’s true!  Two coats, no base coat, no top coat, and it lasted for two weeks.  I confess that first attempt I did have one tiny chip after accidentally banging my foot on something around day 10, but I’m talking TINY.  I have since tried other colors in the Sonia Kashuk and have been successful in getting through two weeks (and beyond) with zero chips multiple times. A noticeable difference from most other nail polish brands I have tried.

I wouldn’t consider myself a true nail polish connoisseur, since I know some people devote whole blogs to just that topic.  I am really just looking for something that is low maintenance, fun, and budget friendly.  At under $5 each, and with all of the lovely and interesting colors in their lineup, this product exceeds my expectations.  I am wearing Two Cents from their brand new fall line now and I just love it.  The finish really reminds me of shiny pennies!  Next on my wishlist are Golden Ticket and Dime A Dozen.

Sorry there are no photos of the product in action.  I will admit that photos of feet kind of weird me out, especially when it comes to my own.  Yet another one of my weird idiosyncrasies!

NOTE: I was not compensated in any way for expressing my opinions above.  I just love the product and wanted to share!

Nice to meet you!

I can sometimes be reserved and keep to myself (unless you get to know me well, because my close friends and family might say differently!), which is something I have been pondering lately and would like to change.  I admit to being a lurker on other people’s blogs, and I don’t comment or connect nearly as much as I feel I should.

Just in time, enter the Nice To Meet You blog party, co-hosted by According to L along with a few other bloggers.  It’s a chance for bloggers to link up and meet other bloggers!

So, if you clicked through during the party, or if you are new to this blog, or even just need a refresher, here’s a little bit about me!

My name is Heather and I am 31.  My husband Tadd (married 8 years) and I live in Central Florida.  No kids yet, but we have 3 cats; Logan, Stella, and Jacoby.  I just started to sew this past January, and I love it!  Wish I had more time to devote to it.  I also love to craft, travel, decorate my house (DIY-style, of course!), and even do a little cooking here and there.  I am originally from Boston and my husband and I are avid Red Sox fans.  Tadd and I take full advantage of being Central Floridians and are Walt Disney World annual passholders.  We go about once a month and I love to post about our times at WDW here in my blog.

Nice to meet you!  If you haven’t already, please feel free to introduce yourself in the comments.  I would love to meet anyone who reads!  And I promise I will try to comment more often on the blogs I subscribe to.  No more lurking!

I always love when friends of mine decide to embark on a new blogging adventure.  And so of course, I try to give them a friendly plug on here whenever I can.

Introducing, a brand new blog started by a girl who I have known her entire life.  Literally. If you had to press my parents into revealing who their best friends are, I have very little doubt that their answer would be Melissa’s parents (and vice versa, I’m sure).  Her dad is my godfather, and our families have been very close friends since before both Melissa and I were born.  They are friends who are really almost like family.

Anyways, all personal connections aside, Melissa is so creative and talented!  She loves crafts, baking, yoga, nail polish, you name it!  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with to share on her blog.  Please go check it out!

First Blogiversary!

I can’t believe it has been a whole year since I started this blog!  I started just a few days before I turned 30 with this post.  I wasn’t sure where I would go with it or what I would write about or who would even read it.  I have learned a great deal along the way, and even met a few new friends.

Some fun facts and stats:

  • In the past 12 months, I have made 183 posts.
  • Of those, the most popular by far has been the post about making your own coasters from terracotta pot saucers.
  • An oddly large number of people run across my blog when searching for info on Chili’s blackberry iced tea.  It’s my most popular search term.
  • The Facebook page for this blog currently has 59 followers, which thrills me to death!  I’d love for it to keep growing!
  • I have blogged about four out-of-state trips this year, which for me is a lot.  I have blogged in Massachusetts and Vermont, South Carolina, Tennessee, and back to Massachusetts again.
  • The blog that I get the most referrals from is!

Although I know I am not the most skilled or prolific or compelling writer, I truly enjoy this hobby of mine.  I love the outlet of personal expression, and I love getting to share things with people.  It’s a great way to connect, destress, and it makes life more fun!  I would like to encourage those of you who are interested in blogging to just give it a try.  You can start your own blog for free at, which is exactly how I started.  It’s really easy and user-friendly for those without experience.  And if you need help, please feel free to reach out to me.

Excited to start year 2 at Sunshine And Some Tea!

Hope everyone’s weekend was nice!

I just wanted to take a quick second to let everyone know about the brand new blog of a dear friend of mine.  Her name is Carol and she is actually the mom of one of my very best friends.  My family has known her family since I looked like this:

That’s me in the center, and Carol’s daughter on the left!  Ha ha!

Anyways, Carol is starting a brand new blog called about all kinds of topics; health, weight loss, travel, shopping, etc.  I know she would appreciate some new readers and  friends over at her new online home.  Please check it out!

A delicious lemon-thyme pasta salad…and some Moo Cards.

Tried a new recipe last night that turned out great and thought I would share.  It was a modified version of this recipe from, but I used penne instead of gemelli, and I also added halved cherry tomatoes and used feta cheese instead of parmesan.  I made a total mess of the kitchen, but it was worth it, because Tadd walked in the door from work and immeidately commented on how great the whole house smelled.  I loved the combination of the lemon and thyme and garlic in the dressing.  Give it a try!

In other news, I ordered Moo Blog Cards (which only cost me $5 in shipping and handling for 50 of them, thanks to a free “Perk” from Klout!).  I got them yesterday and they are SUPER cute!  Very happy with the style and quality of these cards.  Now when I mention my blog in conversation, I’ll have something tangible to hand people.  A little dorky perhaps and not something totally necessary for a little blog like mine, but I couldn’t pass up the deal.  I highly recommend them if you have a blog or something else that you regularly promote.

Yay indeed! This is how they were packaged.

I won something!?! No way!

I got some exciting news today!  I won a giveaway on another blog! I won a Zeo Sleep Manager from this post on Melissa’s blog 320 Sycamore! I am sooooo psyched about this, because I seriously never win anything.

Source: Best Buy

This thing looks so cool!  You wear the headband while you sleep, and it tracks how much and what type of sleep you get throughout the night via a SmartPhone app.  Once I get it in the mail, I will be sure to let you know more about how it works and what I think about it.

If you would like to know more about the Zeo Sleep Monitor, check it out on Best Buy.  Or just read Melissa’s review on her blog!