2013 can only get better from here, right?

Although I began 2013 on a wondrously marvelous vacation, my year has otherwise gotten off to a very rough start.  Although I am hopeful that the worst is behind us.  *knock on wood*

I started feeling sick the last night of our vacation with a sore throat that I initially thought was from the cigarette smoke in the cruise ship casino.  It continued into the next day and when it was still bothering me halfway through our drive from Miami to Orlando, I knew it wasn’t cigarette smoke irritation.  The next 5 days or so I had what I thought was a mild cold, and by the end of the week, I was feeling pretty good and figured I was well on the road to recovery.  Which was a good thing, since we had big plans for the weekend to celebrate Tadd’s birthday (more on that later!).

Then, on Friday night, my car was rear-ended by a semi truck on my way home from work.  Yes, a semi truck!  Seeing it coming at me in my rear view mirror just before impact, and having no where to go, was probably one of the scariest moments of my life.  Don’t worry, I am ok, but my car is still in the shop and the powers that be are still deciding whether it is fixable or not.  Hoping to hear something about that today.  I have a feeling it will be totaled, as the trunk and tail lights are all shifted around and smashed.  The trunk hood is completely punctured in one spot and doesn’t latch (because the latch has changed positions and is also bent).  Not very pretty.

So this all happened a week ago on Friday night (1/11), Tadd’s birthday party was Saturday night (1/12), and then very early Sunday morning my cold, that I THOUGHT was going away, came back with a vengeance.  It was about 10 times worse than it was initially.  I never had a fever, so I knew it wasn’t anything serious, but holy cow, the congestion and coughing!  I thought the misery would never end!  My theory is that a combination of the stress of the accident, plus overexertion, ramped it up big time.  That following Tuesday, I took my 2nd sick day in 5 years, which was a huge deal for me.  But when I woke up at 2:30AM that morning, I just knew that there was no way I could make it through a day at work.  And even now, nearly two weeks from my very first cold symptoms, I am still not 100%.  Although I am worlds and worlds better from where I was.  I would say that I’m at about 95% better right now.  Whatever I got, I got it BAD.

Anyways, all of this to say that I have been too consumed with my car and health situations to blog lately.  Trust me, it was a huge victory when we finally got all the Christmas decorations put away…I just had no energy or ability to do much else lately.  However, everything seems to be on track to settle down shortly (again, *knock on wood*!), so hopefully life can resume some level of normalcy soon and I can start blogging regularly again!  I want to start talking about Valentine’s Day projects!  And I want to tell you about Tadd’s birthday party (which was AWESOME!).