Bathed & Infused

As I mentioned in my post from yesterday, several years ago I had a pretty hefty bath & body product habit, starting with Lush.

The Lush forums had a section for people to discuss other bath & body product companies.  It was there that I learned about a number of other mom & pop internet-based companies that were doing various innovative things with soap, fragrance, and even candles.  Some of those sites are no longer around, but a few of them still are.

After I placed my recent Lush order, I started thinking about those other companies I used to love ordering from…And ended up on the Bathed & Infused website.  One of the things I love so much about B&I is their incredible scent catalog.  They have a scent for just about ANY taste.  Everything from “It’s Raining Mint!” to “Coconut Cupcake” to “Lilac & Lavender” to duplicates of your favorite designer fragrances and even laundry brands!  Do you wish that Gain laundry detergent (or Tide, or Downey) made a perfume?  This is your place!  And you can get most of the products in any scent you want.

I recently placed a small order, mostly sample-sizes so I could reacquaint myself with the company and wanted to share what I got!

Each order you place comes with two “perfume paddles” with scents of your choice.  They are basically sample swatches of some of their scents, so you can try a couple to possibly order next time.  I chose Honeysuckle Dream Cream (notes: honeysuckle, oranges, sugar) and Alice (notes: black tea, cupcakes, rose milk, egyptian musk).  I think I fell in love with Honeysuckle Dream Cream!  Alice was nice too, but I think the musk made it a little too perfumey for me (although Tadd liked it a lot).

Here are the rest of the items:

I got the body mist in Liliuokalani, which was one of my old favorites from back in the day (notes: orchid, plumeria, coconut, ocean air).  It’s definitely a tropical floral scent, but the coconut gives it a bit of sweetness and fruitiness that I just love.  I am usually not a fan of straight florals, but I love them when paired with fruity scents.  Especially for spring/summer.  Liliuokalani pairs really well with the Momo scent (notes: gardenia, sandalwood, white tea, white peach, pear, hint of coconut milk) I chose for my honey dream hand cream (HDHC).

The only full size product I got was the bath whip in Pineapple Buttercream Dream (notes: cupcake, pineapple, buttercream).  I am not so sure yet about the scent (I knew it would be sweet, but it’s possibly a little overkill), but I haven’t actually tried it in the shower.  Bath whip is a semi-solid moisturizing soap that comes in a tub.  You just scoop some out of the tub and use it in place of shower gel or soap.

I also got the following lotion samples:

Body lotion in Streets of Savannah (notes: peach, sweet tea, honeysuckle), which I LOVE!  I am keeping this sample on my night stand to use before bed.  I love peach-scented ANYTHING and apparently I am learning that I also love honeysuckle.  And I love that the scent is a tribute to one of my favorite places, Savannah.  This one is a winner for me.

Body lotion in Mango Sorbet…This was an unexpected freebie sample and I can’t find it anywhere on their scent list.  It smelled light and fruity.  Pleasant.

Inbetween Cream in Limelight (notes: vanilla lime, vanilla pudding, marshmallow, sugar cookies, lime buttercream).  Inbetween cream is B&I’s intermediate weight lotion; heavier than the regular body lotion, but not as heavy as the body fluff.  I haven’t actually tried the product yet, but I love the scent.  It’s like a lime creamsicle.

Honey Dream Hand Cream in Orange Cream Daiquari (notes: orange, pineapple, coconut, vanilla ice cream).  Not a huge fan of this scent.  Not sure why, but it just didn’t thrill me.  I actually gave it to Tadd, who seemed to like it.

Can you tell I am into tropical scents this time of year???

One of the cool things about Bathed & Infused is their customer loyalty program.  For every $1 you spend, you get a point.  For every 10 points, you can save $1 on your next purchase.  And it’s not only in increments of 10 points.  For example, if you have 27 points in your account, you can get $2.70 off your next order.  They also have a referral program.  I can log into my account and send any friend a referral email.  If that person clicks through the link in their email to order, they get 10% off their order, and I get 50 bonus points for referring them.

If anyone would like to get a 10% off coupon, please send me your email address and I would be happy to send you a referral email.  You can comment below, message me on Facebook, or email me (sunshineandsometea {at} gmail {dot} com).

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, and all products were ordered and paid for by me.  Thoughts and opinions expressed above are my own.  I have received no compensation for this post, aside from any potential referral bonus program points as outlined above.  Again, just sharing things I love!

Return to Lush!

Let me tell you a story…

There once was a time that I was crazy into bath & body products.  I actually had a whole cabinet in my bathroom devoted to them.  It started with Lush, which was my absolute favorite.  They offer fresh, handmade products with a focus on natural ingredients and minimal packaging.  They have some really innovative items, such as solid shampoo, solid body butters, and the ever-popular bath bomb.  They sell soap by weight and cut it off of a huge block (see the soap display in the photo below).  Some of their items even require refrigeration because they are made with fresh, food-grade ingredients.

About 10 years ago, I traveled to Boston with a very good friend and I knew I wanted to check out this bath & body shop on Newbury Street that I had heard so much about.  At the time, there were only a few Lush stores in the US, and they were all in major cities, including Boston.  I remember, we could smell it a block away.  I purchased a few small items to try that day at Lush, and almost immediately I was hooked.  So was my friend.  A very short time later, Lush opened a store in the Orlando airport, and then soon after another one opened at the Florida Mall.  I joined the online forum on the Lush website and learned about the many themed parties the various Lush shops would throw.  The product was quite expensive for me at the time, but the parties included specials, raffles, and awesome goody bags, so I would buy a few items, and end up with a whole bunch of stuff for free.  Pretty soon, I had a huge stash!  Trying the newest products & scents, discussing them in the online community, and attending the Lush parties had become somewhat of a hobby of mine.  Several of my friends got hooked too, so we would all attend the parties together.  Even Tadd enjoyed some of the products.

Over time the parties started to become less frequent.  Also, around that same time I got really into CVS couponing, and ended up with huge amounts of free or near-free bath & body products.  And we started saving diligently to buy a house.  So my Lush and other bath & body indulgences dwindled, tapered off, and eventually stopped altogether.

Recently I was thinking about how much I  missed some of these products, so I decided to place my first Lush order in ages.  I wanted to share what I got!

First of all, the box made me smile…Love the dueling bunnies “fighting” animal testing.

I got Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo…Yes, beer for your hair!  I have kind of fluffy, very very thick hair.  This stuff tones down the fluff without making it look flat and weighed down.  And for the record, it does NOT smell like beer.

And I got my number one, favorite Lush product EVER, American Cream!  I have missed this stuff SO much!  It’s the best conditioner in the whole world and to me it smells like vanilla milkshakes.

I actually washed my hair last night using the Cynthia Sylvia Stout and American Cream, and almost instantly my hair felt different.  Your mileage might vary of course, but for some reason my hair absolutely loves this stuff.  I was left with glossy, silky hair that smelled amazing.  I told Tadd I am never going back to any other combination of shampoo/conditioner.  This is it for me!  And as a bonus, I will be sniffing my hair all day long.  Weird, I know, but it really smells THAT good.

I got Ocean Salt body & face scrub, which smells awesome.  It’s ocean-ish, but also ever so slightly sweet.  Not in a cloying way, but in a light, fruity way.  This stuff works wonders on my rough elbows and knees.  I also like their Buffy solid body butter for exfoliation, but it’s designed to melt at body temperatures, so it’s really not possible to order it when it’s hot outside because it will melt in transit.  The bonus with this scrub is that it’s gentle enough to use on your face too.  Not the case with Buffy.

We have a nice-sized garden tub, and while I’m not a big bath-taker, Tadd actually is, so I got him a few manly bath products.  I got him a Geo Phyzz bath bomb, which sounded like it had the earthy scents he likes.  Pretty much anything scented with pine is a safe bet with him.  And the Hawaiian sea salt is supposed to help relieve achy muscles.

I also got him an old favorite from back in the day; Honey Bee bath bomb.  It’s a nice, neutral scent that I think pretty much anyone would enjoy.

I also got him this new (to us) bubble bar (basically solid bubble bath) called The Wuss.  Funny name, but it was actually developed for guys.  Here’s the description from the Lush website:

Created in the honor of manly man Mark Wolverton, CEO of LUSH North America, it smells like ground coffee, martinis with olives and a sprinkling of tobacco. We stopped short of adding in the scent of freshly ironed jeans and pointy shoes.

I thought that sounded interesting…kind of Mad Men-ish?  So I got one for him to try.

I got a couple of soaps, one for me (17 Cherry Tree Lane, which smells like cherry blossoms) and one for Tadd (Honey I Washed The Kids, which I think smells like gummy bears, but it’s supposed to smell like honey…another nice, neutral scent that pairs well with the Honey Bee bath bomb).  Check out the pretty honeycomb on the top of the HIWTK soap!  Mine is just plain white, but it’s super moisturizing.

Maybe this is TMI, but I have been experiencing very dry feet lately, so I decided to get the online-only Happy Feet package.  It came with Volcano foot mask, Fair Trade foot lotion (which has an awesome pepperminty scent!), Stepping Stone solid foot scrub, and another Geo Phyzz bath bomb (which I gave to Tadd).

As you can see, the Fair Trade foot lotion leaked a smidgen, which was kind of messy and annoying but was easy to clean up.  It’s actually quite liquidy, but it works and smells great.

My new stash:

My love for this company is definitely renewed!  Planning a trip to the Florida Mall location with my girlfriends soon to try to hook some of them!  I probably won’t buy much, since I’m pretty well stocked up now, but I could at least buy myself a Buffy bar and one of their Fresh face masks, which are only available in stores (because they require refrigeration).

Disclaimer: Lush is not aware of this post, and I was not compensated in any way.  The products were purchased with my own money and the thoughts and opinions are my own.  Just thought I would share something I love!

Master Bath Update…and a new project!

For some reason, summer puts me in house project mode.  It happened last summer too, when we updated our kitchen island.  And the summer before that, it was our powder room makeover.

We are still working little by little on the master bath refresh.  I showed you previously some of the items we had purchased.    I also used up some of my birthday giftcards to get a few more random things.  I picked up an oil-rubbed bronze vanity mirror from Bed Bath & Beyond. Similar to this one, but with a square base.

And just last night I went to Hobby Lobby and got some wall decor (a big iron leaf/feather that I have been eyeing for years)…

…a decorative basket that will live on the tub corner (to hold bath products), and this owl statue and lotus tealight holder:

Between BB&B and HL, I spent about $7 total out of pocket.  Love using the “shopper’s trinity” (sales, coupons, and giftcards)!  We also went to Lowes and picked up a hanging shower organizer and an over-the-door hook for our water closet.

I just have a few more items I would like to buy and/or install before I show you the final product.  I don’t have any before pics, because it was a disorganized wreck, and honestly the “after” pics probably won’t be all that exciting, since I didn’t do anything drastic like paint or replace fixtures (although we ARE seriously thinking about replacing the vanity lighting).  But we are both really enjoying the new set up so far.  It’s nice having a well-appointed, functional, refreshed space that is just for us.  And it was also nice having a low-key project that hasn’t taken much money to feel a big difference.

And our latest project is…a new living room!  Well, same living room, new furniture.  The plan (so far) is to replace our 8.5 year old red American Signature sectional sofa with a beige 2×2 Ektorp sectional from Ikea.  I love our red sofa, but it’s looking pretty worn and it’s just not easy to really clean red microfiber.  One of the things I love about the Ektorp is that it’s almost totally machine washable!  Great for pets and clumsy husbands!  And if you need to, you can just totally replace the slipcover and have what feels and looks like a whole new sofa for a couple hundred bucks.  Some of you may be skeptical about Ikea furniture, but I have done my research and it seems to be almost universally loved by many, many, many home bloggers out there.  I also love the look.  Reminds me of Pottery Barn’s classic slipcover sofas, with a MUCH more reasonable price tag!

Here is a pretty terrible picture of how our living room is configured now:

Unfortunately, it’s the only current pic that I have on hand.  This room is fairly large and opens to the kitchen.  I think my biggest problem with it is that the (obnoxiously huge) TV being at an angle like that takes up way too much space.  And we also have a lot of wasted space between this seating area and the kitchen.  My plan is to move the TV so that it is centered on the wall with all the floating shelves and flank it on either side with tall bookshelves.  I would like the kind that have cabinet doors on the bottom and open shelves on the top, like this:

The floating shelves we have on the wall now will obviously have to be moved elsewhere, but I am sure we can find some great spots for them.  The new sectional will be oriented with one end of the “L-shape” under the window that is just to the left of the TV in the pic above.  The other end will be with the back facing the kitchen.  I plan to put a decorative console table behind that end of the sofa, and if there is room, maybe an armchair against that right-side wall that the sofa is backed up to now.  I hope this will allow the room to feel bigger and will allow us to use more of the space effectively.  There will also be some additional new accent tables, perhaps some curtains, and definitely some new throw pillows for the new sofa.  If we get the bookshelves above with the cabinet doors, I would want to get some pretty decorative knobs for them as well (Hobby Lobby has a ton of really fun ones!).

So stay tuned!  Lots of house updates to come this summer!

Master Bathroom Refresh!

First, quick shout out to my incredible parents.  Today is their 35th wedding anniversary!

Anyways, I have been watching a lot of organization videos on YouTube lately, and was rather suddenly struck with the strong desire to implement a slight overhaul to my master bathroom.  Nothing really intense.  It just really needed a good deep clean, reorganization, and some new accessories.  Although, budget and time constraints aside, I would LOVE to rip the whole bathroom apart and start from scratch.  Everything in that room is boring builder basic…white walls, white cultured marble counter/sink, honey oak vanity, boring light fixture, etc.  But I just really do not have time for a huge project right now, so the focus will be on organization and refreshing the look with a few accessories.

I went to Target last night and picked up some items for the project.  For some reason I was drawn to deep greens and browns.  Would like to eventually incorporate some teals as well, to lighten the scheme.  But the rest of the bathroom is so light (walls, counters, cabinets), that I think the deeper colors help give it some pizzazz.

We got two of these…One for cotton swabs, and one for my round cotton makeup remover pads.


We thought about getting a fancier waste basket, but in the end we went for something more durable and practical and easy to clean, so we got this frosted plastic model.  I thought the oil rubbed bronze base was a nice touch.


We also got an oil rubbed bronze tissue box cover.  I can’t seem to find a picture of it on Target’s website.  It’s pretty basic, but coordinates with everything else.  It’s somewhat similar to the one in this photo, from Bed Bath & Beyond:

Bed Bath & Beyond

I wanted to get some new towels to go with our new look, so we got a few new sets of Threshold towels in the “Moss Lane” color.  Love them!  The color is much more beautiful in person.


I had intended to get a couple of bath rugs as well, but nothing really struck my fancy.  I don’t want a solid, but I also don’t want a pattern that is too busy.  It has to be just right, so I decided to wait and look around.  We need one for the water closet (where our walk-in shower and toilet are) and one for the vanity/tub area.  I would also like to get a few things for the walls, and maybe even a new light fixture or two.

We completely overhauled the linen closet and bathroom drawers.  I used a lot of the plastic bins and baskets that I already had on hand.  But we also bought a few larger fabric storage bins.  So now I have bins for lotions, tooth/oral care, misc skincare, first aid, perfumes/body sprays, etc.  The largest bin has all of our shower stuff (extra shampoos, conditioners, hair products, shower gels, and shaving stuff).  We also tried to get a drawer organizer for our one bathroom drawer, but that drawer is such a weird size, it didn’t fit.  The drawer is huge, but almost ridiculously shallow, so only things that are small or really flat can fit.

We still have a ways to go but it’s so nice to have started!  I will keep you posted with our progress on this mini-makeover.

I do love a good mystery…

As I mentioned on my previous post, on Monday, Tadd and I checked out a few places we had been meaning to visit for awhile.  Another place we visited was Theme Park Connection.  This is basically a Disney parks memorabilia thrift store/warehouse in Winter Springs, FL.  They have all kinds of souvenirs, posters, props, signage, cast member costumes, etc.  Much of it has been used in the park at one time or another.  Some of it is vintage, and some of it is pretty new.  Their inventory is constantly changing and you never know what you might see on any given visit.

Tadd and I spent a long time perusing the shelves and shelves full of stuff.  What ended up catching my eye was a pair of vintage wine glasses.  The logo says “Walt Disney World Village Wine Festival”, but the logo does not mention a year.

I know that what is now Downtown Disney used to be called “Walt Disney World Village” in the 1970s and 1980s before being changed to “Disney Village Marketplace” and then eventually “Downtown Disney” in the 1990s (soon to be “Disney Springs” once the recently-announced refurb is complete), but I had never heard of the wine festival.  My online research has proven sketchy, with no solid dates for the start of this festival (I have seen several different sites with different years mentioned; 1977, 1981, 1982, and 1986, among others), and nothing really discussing when it concluded.  It seems that this wine festival was precursor to the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, which began in 1995.  Unfortunately, based on the info I have, I can really only narrow down the time frame of distribution for these particular glasses to a very vague range: late-1970s to mid-to-late 1980s.  I searched for any kind of collection of wine festival logos, but those searches did not return anything.

If you have any information on these wine glasses please let me know!  I am so curious to know more specific details, especially what year they are from.  But even if I learn nothing more, they are still my new favorite WDW souvenir items.  I just love them!

Adjectives Market

Yesterday, Tadd and I decided to go to a few places we had been meaning to check out for a long time.  On my list was Adjectives Market, a huge art/vintage/antiques shop in Altamonte Springs, Florida.  Incidentally, this is the town where we lived prior to buying our house, and I so wish that it had been around when we lived on that side of town!  Such a cool place!

The very large space is filled with many smaller booths where individual artisans and/or antiques dealers can display their wares.  You can find anything from beautiful furniture, to antique items, to interesting found object sculptures.  They even sell the ever-popular Annie Sloan chalk paint, which I may need to go back and get once I find a project to use it on.

It was honestly a little overwhelming; there were so many neat things to look at!  But I did manage to score a few very cool items.  The first thing I saw that I had to have was this set of coasters celebrating Orlando history.

I am thinking about doing something unconventional with these…Perhaps hanging them on the wall or incorporating them into a tray of some sort.  I just love them!  The one in the upper left is a shot of the main road going through downtown Orlando; Orange Avenue.  By the looks of the cars I would guess that it’s maybe the 1930s or 1940s?

I also got this milk glass dish (if you collect milk glass, Adjectives Market is your place…There were shelves and shelves of it!), and a 1982 map of Central Florida.

Altogether I spent about $30.  But I really could have spent SO much more.  I want to go back very soon!  If you live in the Central Florida area, please do yourself a favor and check this place out!

I heart fabric shopping!

Hope your weekend was great!  I finally got out to spend some of my birthday gift cards yesterday.  Of course, they were almost all for crafty-type places.  I ended up with quite a haul of fabric for future projects!

Fat quarters were on sale for $1 each, so I got a ton:

And there were a few others on the bolt that I couldn’t resist.  The linen (at the very top of the pic below, above the Star Wars fabric) was a pre-planned purchase.  I am thinking about trying some sunglasses cases with that.  The rest will be used for about a million other projects I have floating around my head.  I wish I could sew full time so that I could get done everything I want to do!

Isn’t that yellow floral awesome?  I’m not sure why, but I have been really drawn to the yellow/black/white color combo lately.  I actually love how it looks with that black & white check fabric…hmmm…

Oh, and the Star Wars fabric is for Tadd.  He wants me to make him a wallet out of it!  We’ll see how that turns out.

Kicking fall off a little early.

I know it’s super early, but I already had Tadd pull out the fall decor boxes…

and got to work!  We didn’t have anything else planned today, so it seemed like a good way to pass the time doing something productive.  The house is starting to look quite festive!  I finished the Dollar Tree tray craft I have been talking about all week and it is looking cute!  I hope to show you what I did sometime this week, so stay tuned for that.

We also went to Bath & Body Works, where I got my fall/Halloween handsoaps (I am a total sucker for them…especially the seasonal ones).  Look at the cute purple & black spider pump topper!

The scents they have for fall are REALLY good this year, old classics and new ones too; sweet cinnamon pumpkin, green candy apple, orchard leaves, sour drop, marshmallow, caramel apple, creamy pumpkin, cranapple crisp, cinnamon raisin cookie, and pumpkin caramel latte.

Oh, and as promised, this is the wall art we bought for the kitchen from Hobby Lobby for $25!  I love it!  Although now I am thinking this corner of the room needs some red to be incorporated somehow.  It’s all looking a little too neutral for me.

Happy September!!!

I can’t tell you how happy I am that the summer months are OVER!  I know in Florida that this absolutely does NOT mean that summer weather is over (we probably have another 6 weeks or so of that), but at least it means I can very nicely request that my husband dig into our “Harry Potter closet” (that’s what we call the closet that goes under our stairwell) this weekend to retrieve the bins of fall and Halloween decor.  I’m not sure if I will really start decorating this weekend or next, but it’s coming…SOON!

It also means that Tadd and I officially made it through our No-Spend August challenge!

We officially met our goal of 18 days in August without spending any money.  It wasn’t always fun, but I can’t tell you how much it helped me realize how much spending a little here and there, without planning, can add up quickly!  It was so nice to see a good sized extra buffer in our checking account, and it made planning our budget SO much easier because there were very very few random, spur-of-the-moment expenses (Starbucks, lunches out, etc).  We planned ahead, spent based on our plans, and anytime we THOUGHT we “needed” something we would challenge ourselves to really think about if it was a need, want, or something we could put off for another day.  I think the biggest tip I took away is cutting out the random little trips to the grocery store!  I always end up spending more than planned if I run into Publix for “just a couple of things”.  We only went grocery shopping 3 times during the month, and all three trips were heavily planned out and meant to last until the next planned grocery trip.  All in all, Tadd and I really value what we gained from the challenge and think we may do another one after the holidays.

I celebrated making it through the challenge by going to Hobby Lobby after work!  Yes, after learning my lesson about unplanned spending, I rewarded myself by doing some unplanned spending…I know…  But, I got a few items that I plan to use on that tiny Dollar Tree wooden tray I got last week, which I spray painted black and plan to turn into a Halloween decoration this weekend.

I also got a large piece of framed wall art for the kitchen that I will show you later.  It goes with the French Bistro look I have going on.  And everything I got was on sale!  I think I spent about $30 total (and the wall art was originally $50 by itself).  So not too shabby.

Tadd and I also treated ourselves to a much-needed date night last night!  We decided to go to Pannullo’s Italian Restaurant on Park Ave in Winter Park.  Once we decided when and where to go, I went on (which is the site I mentioned previously in this post) and scored a $25 off $45 certificate for $3, using their current 80% off promo code TASTY!  We got there around 7:30 and to our amazement, the weather was comfortable enough for us to sit outside and enjoy the charming atmosphere of Park Avenue.  We each had one adult beverge, shared an appetizer (the cheese triangles…mmmm), salads, bread, and 2 entrees (I had chicken piccata, which was delicious…Tadd had the lobster ravioli), and our bill including tip came to about $50.  Not bad for a nice evening out.  I really, truly love!

Cheese triangles!

Greek Salad

Chicken Piccata

What is your favorite way to spend a date night?

TGIF and Happy Labor Day!!!  Let’s get this long weekend started!

Tuesday’s Tip: T-shirts

Who doesn’t love a good, clever novelty t-shirt?  Even if you are not fond of wearing them yourself, you can at least chuckle a bit when you see someone else wearing one.  And chances are, we are all probably close to at least one person who loves them (which makes them great for gifts!).

Enter, the website where you can order some of the funniest, most creative, and most clever t-shirts on the web.  One of the interesting things about Threadless, is that anyone can submit a design for them to use on their apparel. Users vote on which designs they would like to see printed, and the winning designers get paid for their submissions.   Click here for more info on submitting designs and how it works.

I have used the site in the past to buy shirts as gifts for my husband, brother, and friends, and they have all been much-loved.  Here are some of the ones I have purchased:

"Of The Dead" (for my zombie movie loving husband)

"MP(3)" (for my rockstar brother)

Some of the other ones I have bought are now out of print, but they included a shirt that showed an empty roll of toilet paper with the caption “WHAT WOULD MACGUYVER DO?”, and a shirt done in the style of an Ikea instruction manual showing how to put a viking ship together in pieces, with the word “Vikea” in the Ikea logo font, and a shirt showing Darth Vader pruning a topiary into the shape of the Death Star.  All goofy, but all very clever, cute, and funny.

Since I first became a customer of, they have branched out into hoodies, tote bags, and even baby onesies.  Check out this cute Baby Godzilla onesie currently on clearance for $10, perfect for your adorable “little monster”!:

"Baby Godzilla"

Fans of The Cure (like me!) will love this one which offers a literal word-for-word translation of the lyrics of Friday I’m In Love.  “I don’t care if Monday’s blue, Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too.  Thursday I don’t care about you, it’s Friday, I’m in love!…”

"Friday, I'm In Love!"

My husband has a thing for squirrels (not sure why, he just likes them…one Christmas I got him a squirrel calendar for his office and he was THRILLED).  How cute is this for fall/football season?:

"All-Conference Squirrel" FRONT

"All-Conference Squirrel" BACK

See what I mean?  Cute/clever/funny/whimsical…Great for gifts, and sometimes they even have sales where they have a ton of designs for $10 each!  I know some of the menfolk in my life will be getting stuff from this site over the holidays!  Maybe one of these days I will finally get one for me too.

Disclaimer: Thoughts are my own.  I am not being paid to make the aforementioned
statements.  Simply reviewing products and providing tips of items that I love,
to share with my readers.